From Bunny Tails to Blossoms: 6 Adorable Easter Cake Designs to Make Your Celebration Sweet

CakeBee Admin

Easter is a time of renewal and celebration, and what better way to complement the joy of the season than with delectable cake, from CakeBee! 

Our curated collection of Easter cakes captures the essence of this festive moment. Each cake is crafted to add sweetness and splendour to the joyous moment. Family tradition or starting a new one? These cakes are more than just desserts. Here, we present the 6 best Easter cakes online, each one a perfect finale to your Easter feast. Get ready to delight in flavours and designs that embody the heart of Easter with CakeBee's cakes.

1.  Easter Egg Nest Cake



Designed to resemble a basket overflowing with colourful Easter eggs. The round-shaped cake appears to be nestled on a bed of green frosting resembling grass. The basket part is decorated in cream colour, the textural design gives the impression of woven reeds. Top of the cake, several brightly coloured Easter eggs are placed. Easter egg hunts are a popular tradition associated with Easter celebrations. This cake is the perfect way to incorporate that symbolism.

2. Easter Bunny Cake



The Easter Bunny Cake from CakeBee is a delightful treat for Easter celebration.The cake is a bright orange colour, resembling a carrot, a food associated with Easter. Either side of the cake are two large white bunny ears, frosted.  Several colourful Easter eggs are scattered around the base of the cake. Easter Bunny is a popular symbol of Easter. A fun way to incorporate that character into your Easter dessert spread.

3. Elegant Easter Cake 


This Cake incorporates classic Easter symbols. Rich in chocolate, this chocolate cake is decorated with smooth frosting. Top of the cake are several chocolate Easter eggs, cuddled in a bed of white chocolate shavings. A perfect option for adults who are looking for a  grown-up Easter dessert. The white chocolate shavings add a touch of elegance.

4. Chocolaty Easter Egg Cake


This delightful Chocolate Easter cake is sure to charm everyone at your Easter celebration. A rich chocolate cake decorated with a white frosting & dotted with colourful polka dots.A yellow bow adorns the top of the cake. Cuddled on the cake chocolate Easter eggs in different colours. Chocolate & Easter eggs are popular symbols of Easter, making this cake a perfect cake to incorporate these festive elements into your Easter dessert spread. Colourful polka dots add a touch of odd fancy, making this cake perfect for your Easter celebrations for everyone in the family.

5. Easter Delight Cake


Embrace the spirit of Easter with the 'Easter Delight Cake', a charming centerpiece for your holiday celebration. This whimsical creation features a soft, pastel blue icing that evokes a clear spring sky. Nestled atop are adorable, intricately piped chocolate nests cradling vibrant, shimmering Easter eggs in hues of gold, pink, blue, and green, symbolizing the renewal and life that Easter brings. Tiny speckles of festive sprinkles add a pop of colour around these nests, making this cake a visual feast. Perfect for gathering your loved ones around the table, this Easter Delight Cake promises to be as delightful to the palate as it is to the eyes.

6. Easter Special Cake



Treat your guests with a twist this Easter with this 'Easter Special Cake'. This cake treat is a work of art, featuring a rich black icing that sets the stage for a festive array of pastel-coloured Easter eggs. The eggs are perched playfully along one edge of the cake, bring a pop of colour to the holiday's egg-hunting fun. Small, golden pearls  are scattered nearby, mimicking precious finds of a successful easter egg hunt. Perfect for those who appreciate a modern, chic tastes, offering a deliciously decadent chocolatey canvas for the season's colourful accents.