14 things to write on your Valentine's Day cake if you are celebrating single

14 things to write on your Valentine's Day cake if you are celebrating single

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Boom! It’s February 14.

Now what? Well, we’re not going to make it any harder for you (while the rest of the world is at it!).

Just raise your glass if you also one-100% relate to these things mentioned below. And then, maybe we’ll show you how to celebrate Valentine's Day if you are single and not ready to mingle (yet). It’s gonna end on a sweeter note, we promise.

Okay. So, raise a glass if your friends are not single.


Now raise a glass if you feel the colour Red is too much to handle  because it is almost EVERYWHERE. Good! Also, raise a glass if you miss your ex 100x more on this day…raise a glass if you do not subscribe to the whole Valentine’s Week concept...raise a glass if you cringe at the awww-so-cute advertisements made exclusively for this day...raise a glass if your best-friend will post at least 3 reels/stories on Instagram saying how muuuuch she loves her boyfriend…raise your glass if you are gonna put your phone on airplane mode because any minute by now your single best-friend will howl to you about how single he/she feels…raise a glass if you are having a major “Kaira'' moment from Dear Zindagi who’ll throw stones on any couple being lovey-dovey.

Okay, brace yourselves now and raise a glass if you are about to lose yourself and sob like a baby. (Donnnnnn’t).

Sad to be single, huh?

Spoiler alert – Not really!

Here’s why: You can (and you should) seize the V-Day with a Happy Valentine’s Day cake.

Not kidding. Because there’s literally nothing that good music, lovely wine and a delicious cake cannot solve. So, raise a slice of a yummy cake, a glass of good wine and tune in.

Things to write on your Happy Valentine's Day cake if you are celebrating single

Being single is not everyone’s piece of cake. We all know how mainstream culture celebrates the idea of couplehood with its own, age-old traditional ways - through weddings, movie plots, love songs, poems, cutesy-advertisements, heck even Shakespeare enjoyed writing a good amount of Romantic dramas.  And what did the singles get? Not even a voucher entry to a drinking club. It’s always for the couples, isn’t it? Besides, who has the energy to ask “Why this Kolaveri?” to the blind mainstream culture? Pfft… That’s why we think that if there is no one, then at least you should celebrate your existence. IT’S IMPORTANT…FOR YOUR SANITY.

 So here’s what you are gonna do for yourself (or for your friend who’s single like you):

STEP 1: Google “best cake shop near me” and check for some gorgeous looking Valentine’s Day cake designs.

STEP 2: Once you cry out loud, “Yes, this is the one!” after you’ve looked at many Valentine’s Day cake designs, get your favourite Happy Valentine’s Day cake.

STEP 3: Show the world that you are happily single and that you love your cake more than anything by writing some quirky lines on your Valentine’s day cake.

STEP 4: Be satisfied (Cake has healing powers that you never knew existed LOL).

Here are some fun and quirky messages that you can write on your Valentine’s Day cake:

  1. Love at first bite.
  1. Only if love were a piece of cake. 
  1. My Sweet-heart. Literally.
  1. The sweet-heart to my sweet-tooth! 
  1. Match made in Oven.
  1. Who wants a better half when they can have the best full circle! 
  1. Oh baby, every bite is just pure heaven!
  1. Yet to find someone as sweet as this cake! 
  1. Sexy, even in layers.
  1. ‘Coz I deserve a slice amidst the lies. 
  1. In frost we trust.
  1. Love sucks, Cake helps. 
  1. Guaranteed happy ending!
  1. Dig in…slowly, and then all at once.

Okay…you just imagined all these messages written on your cake, didn’t you? And as promised, it ended on a sweeter note, didn’t it?

But sometimes it is a huge deal to tell people that you are actually happily single. Especially your mom who is just always behind you telling you to get a partner (for reasons best known to her).   

 Because assuming someone has an “incomplete life” just because they are single does not help. There are, in fact, ZILLIONS of practical and valid reasons why people choose to be happily single. Like you could find a relationship to be:

  1. energy waste
  2. time waste
  3. money waste

All in all, “simply waste” to have a partner. Maybe you are just dealing with your Raj Koothrappali complex, or are waiting to find “the one”, or gave up long ago because “I have judgy parents”, or do not believe in the idea of “love” or “happily ever after”, or…phew, as said a zillion other reasons.

 So instead of convincing people why your single lifestyle is better, *show* them that you very much like to celebrate Valentine’s day  as much as them – probably with a big-heart-shaped-cake, a nice beverage and a couple of your single friends. And that you ain’t a…ahem…fool for celebrating Valentine’s Day as a bachelor. We’re only happy that you did not succumb to your FOMO thoughts and got a partner out of peer pressure.

“Single & Celebrating” should be as cool as “Together & Forever”. Perhaps.

 P.S. Tell us why you love being happily single in the comments below! 🥂✨

 We would be happy if you try these messages on your cake this Valentine’s Day. 🥳💪🏼 Don’t forget to tag us at @cakebeein on Insta and FB.